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Categorical Exclusion Checklists for SCCAO in 2014
Attached are completed Categorical Exclusion Checklists (CECs) for 2014 for our South Central California Area Office. A CEC excludes certain categories of Federal actions from further NEPA documentation because these categories of actions have been determined in a public process to have no significant affect on the environment nor do they involve unresolved conflicts concerning alternative uses of available resources.

No Status at this time.

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List of Available Reports
Report Title
File Ext
File Size
File with .pdf extension Antioch Service Center Utility Trench .pdf 503.57KB 
File with .pdf extension City of Madera Laurel Street Bike Path .pdf 3,240.75KB 
File with .pdf extension City of Pleasant Hill Storm Drain Repair Project near Milepost 43.55 of the Contra Costa Canal .pdf 487.69KB 
File with .pdf extension Contra Costa Canal Geotechnical Investigations at Milepost 22.5 for Slope Embankment Repair Project .pdf 928.57KB 
File with .pdf extension Contra Costa Water District Automated Screen Replacement at Mile Post 25.02 .pdf 1,005.83KB 
File with .pdf extension Contra Costa Water District Installation of a Dewatering Well at Rose Avenue .pdf 1,017.72KB 
File with .pdf extension Contra Costa Water District Loop Canal Safety Improvements Project at Mileposts 29.04 and 29.11 .pdf 2,178.98KB 
File with .pdf extension Contra Loma ADA Restroom and Fish Cleaning Station Improvement Project .pdf 1,139.10KB 
File with .pdf extension DMC/Aqueduct Intertie Berm Project .pdf 1,534.02KB 
File with .pdf extension Del Puerto Water District New Well Discharge Structures on the Delta Mendota Canal .pdf 1,304.89KB 
File with .pdf extension Disposal of Biology Trailor at the Tracy Fish Collection Facility .pdf 684.90KB 
File with .pdf extension Hilton Creek Emergency Backup Water Supply System .pdf 975.95KB 
File with .pdf extension Lake Casitas Recreation Area - Entrance Station Retrofit CEC .pdf 1,137.32KB 
File with .pdf extension Land Use Authorization for the Pete Miller Road Bridge Seismic Retrofit Project .pdf 1,797.55KB 
File with .pdf extension License to Panoche Drainage District to Connect the Firebaugh Sumps to the San Joaquin River Water Quality Improvement Project .pdf 4,847.35KB 
File with .pdf extension Overhead Fiber Cable Crossing at Lateral 24.2 .pdf 766.27KB 
File with .pdf extension PG and E Utility Pole Relocation at Friant Kern Canal .pdf 876.54KB 
File with .pdf extension PG&E Line 114 Safety Enhancement .pdf 1,877.92KB 
File with .pdf extension Pacific Gas and Electric New Power Line over San Luis Drain .pdf 646.61KB 
File with .pdf extension Pacific Gas and Electric Power Line Upgrade Over San Luis Canal .pdf 1,524.07KB 
File with .pdf extension Radio Repeater Station Installation at Bradbury Dam .pdf 1,079.18KB 
File with .pdf extension Robles Casitas Canal Pipeline Relocation Near Milepost 1.5 .pdf 672.01KB 
File with .pdf extension San Luis Reservoir Recreation Areas Parking Control Access Gates .pdf 921.47KB 
File with .pdf extension Southern California Gas Company Receiver Installation .pdf 654.59KB 
File with .pdf extension Temporary Staging Area at Delta Cross Channel for the Georgiana Slough Floating Fish Guidance Study .pdf 748.20KB 
File with .pdf extension Temporary Water Service Contracts for the Friant and Cross Valley Contractors .pdf 882.22KB 
File with .pdf extension Temporary Water Service Contracts with the Non-Cental Valley Project Contractors on the east side of the San Joaquin Valley .pdf 633.99KB