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North of the Delta Offstream Storage (NODOS) Feasibility Study and EIS/EIR
The purpose of North-of-the-Delta Offstream Storage Feasibility Study is to investigate a range of surface storage alternatives north of the Delta in the Sacramento Valley Watershed. The three objectives that will guide the development of storage alternatives are: 1) increase water supply and water supply reliability and Sacramento Valley water management flexibility; 2) improve Delta water quality; 3) increase the survival of anadromous fish populations in the Sacramento River, as well as the health and survivability of other aquatic species; and 4) provide hydropower benefits that include renewable energy development and integration with wind and solar generation facilities.

Notice of Intent published November 9, 2001 (66 FR 56708-56709). Initial Alternatives Information Report – May 2006. Plan Formulation Report – May 2009. Draft EIS/EIR and Feasibility Report due in 2013. Final EIS/EIR and Feasibility Report due in 2016. Record of Decision – To be determined.

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