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2013 Water Transfers EA/FONSI
Reclamation proposes to approve water transfers in 2013 that require Reclamation's approval, which is any transfer that involves Central Valley Project (CVP) water or requires the use of CVP facilities. Transfer water under the Proposed Action would originate in the Sacramento Valley via groundwater substitution and be transferred to water users south of the Delta that are experiencing water shortages in 2013 due to dry conditions. Water transfers included in the Proposed Action represent only a portion of the expected overall transfers in 2013.

Draft EA and FONSI available for review on May 6, 2013. Comments were due May 21, 2013. FONSI signed and final EA completed on June 21, 2013.

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File with .pdf extension Signed FONSI, 2013 Water Transfers .pdf 4,512.37KB 
File with .pdf extension Final EA, 2013 Water Transfers .pdf 650.42KB 
File with .pdf extension Draft FONSI, 2013 Water Transfers .pdf 284.95KB 
File with .pdf extension Draft EA, 2013 Water Transfers .pdf 1,234.63KB 
File with .pdf extension Referenced_Water Transfer Program 2010_2011 FONSI .pdf 515.90KB 
File with .pdf extension Referenced_Water Transfer Program 2010_2011 FEA .pdf 6,272.34KB