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Categorical Exclusion Checklists for 2013 for Northern California Area Office
Attached are complete Categorical Exclusion Checklists (CECs) for 2013 for our Northern California Area Office. A CEC excludes certain categories of Federal actions from further NEPA documentation because these categories of actions have been determined in a public process to have no significant affect on the environment nor do they involve unresolved conflicts concerning alternative uses of available resources.

No Status at this time.

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List of Available Reports
Report Title
File Ext
File Size
File with .pdf extension Assignment of Contract No. 14-06-200-2949A-R-1 to David and Alice Te Velde, Trustees of the David and Alice Te Velde Revocable Family Trust, Dated April 21, 2006 .pdf 419.90KB 
File with .pdf extension City of Redding Right-of-Use Permit to Cross over Reclamation Easement .pdf 395.80KB 
File with .pdf extension Corning Water District Annexations and Detachments .pdf 1,525.25KB 
File with .pdf extension East Redding Bike Lane Project .pdf 563.76KB 
File with .pdf extension Ingress Egress Easement for East Park Reservoir Orland Project .pdf 984.92KB 
File with .pdf extension Kanawha Water District Stephen Danley Annexation .pdf 611.75KB 
File with .pdf extension Modification to a Temporary Turnout, Tehama-Colusa Canal Milepost 49.26L, Glide Water District .pdf 612.94KB 
File with .pdf extension Myers-Marsh Mutual Water Company - Exclusion .pdf 460.73KB 
File with .pdf extension Orland Unit Water Users Association Lowe and Orland Ranch Annexation .pdf 626.73KB 
File with .pdf extension PG&E ‘S Installation of a 12 kV Overhead Power line .pdf 689.14KB 
File with .pdf extension PGE Power Pole Replacement at Wintu Pump Station .pdf 442.66KB 
File with .pdf extension Perform Trenching at Hoadley Peak Receiver Site for California Site Rehabilitation Project .pdf 303.74KB 
File with .pdf extension Permit for Camp Tipsy Event .pdf 836.03KB 
File with .pdf extension Vann Brothers - Irrigation Pipeline Crossing - Tehama Colusa Canal Milepost 88.28 .pdf 719.70KB 
File with .pdf extension Vann Brothers Temporary Irrigation Pipeline Crossing of Tehama-Colusa Canal .pdf 567.04KB 
File with .pdf extension Westside Water District Upgrade to Existing Turnout Facilities - Tehama-Colusa Canal, Milepost 90.00L .pdf 544.47KB