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Categorical Exclusion Checklists for SCCAO in 2013
Attached are completed Categorical Exclusion Checklists (CECs) for 2013 for our South Central California Area Office. A CEC excludes certain categories of Federal actions from further NEPA documentation because these categories of actions have been determined in a public process to have no significant affect on the environment nor do they involve unresolved conflicts concerning alternative uses of available resources.

No Status at this time.

Kelly  Baker
Phone: 559-487-5039

Rain Emerson
Phone: 559-487-5196

List of Available Reports
Report Title
File Ext
File Size
File with .pdf extension 2013 Drainging and Instepction of Pacheco and Santa Clara Tunnels .pdf 970.36KB 
File with .pdf extension 2013 Operation and Maintenance Activities within Delta Meadows near the Delta Cross Channel .pdf 670.63KB 
File with .pdf extension Additional San Luis Drainage Feature Reevaluation Data Gathering Within Westlands Center .pdf 1,065.85KB 
File with .pdf extension Adobe Ranch Temporary Additional Point of Delivery and Temporary ROW Access at milepost 17.28 on Madera Canal .pdf 420.71KB 
File with .pdf extension Adobe Ranch Temporary Additional Point of Delivery on Madera Canal .pdf 250.42KB 
File with .pdf extension Authorization for Installation of Temporary Aboveground Pipeline near Milepost 72.89R of the San Louis Canal .pdf 688.38KB 
File with .pdf extension Co-Location of National Weather Radio on Bear Mountain Radio Tower .pdf 1,017.56KB 
File with .pdf extension Contra Costa Canal Repair at Milepost 23.03 .pdf 3,490.91KB 
File with .pdf extension Contra Costa W. D.Pumping Plant No. 1 Forebay Aquatic Vegetation Removal .pdf 719.69KB 
File with .pdf extension Delta-Mendota Canal Pipe at Milepost 98.60R .pdf 1,204.51KB 
File with .pdf extension Donald Griffith Easement at Tracy Pumping Plant .pdf 1,739.61KB 
File with .pdf extension EZ Angus Encroachment .pdf 775.33KB 
File with .pdf extension Elkhorn Slough Coastal Training Program for California Tiger Salamander Surveys .pdf 318.49KB 
File with .pdf extension Friant Erosion Repair .pdf 444.30KB 
File with .pdf extension Galindo Creek Bridge Repair .pdf 2,052.68KB 
File with .pdf extension Kern-Tulare Water District Land Exclusion Detachment Z .pdf 549.73KB 
File with .pdf extension Lake Woollomes Boating Amendment .pdf 1,038.57KB 
File with .pdf extension Lateral 7.3 Replacement .pdf 820.33KB 
File with .pdf extension License Renewal, Fox Farms at Friant-Kern Canal .pdf 1,311.57KB 
File with .pdf extension License to Del Puerto Water District for New Discharge Point on the Delta-Mendota Canal .pdf 1,317.30KB 
File with .pdf extension Mercy Springs Water District - Pipeline Structure .pdf 2,816.99KB 
File with .pdf extension Millerton Lake State Recreation Area Earth Day Improvements .pdf 2,050.80KB 
File with .pdf extension Newman Wasteway Utility Relocation .pdf 694.19KB 
File with .pdf extension Orange Cove I.D. CVP Service Area Exclusion and Inclusion .pdf 1,999.53KB 
File with .pdf extension PG&E Under-build and Power Pole Replacement in Firebaugh .pdf 310.45KB 
File with .pdf extension PGE Service Wire Over MID Lateral .pdf 261.83KB 
File with .pdf extension Rock Slough Fish Screen Assistance Agreement .pdf 481.97KB 
File with .pdf extension Rocky Hill Agricultural License Renewal .pdf 760.36KB 
File with .pdf extension San Luis Drain Autosampler Shelter .pdf 270.00KB 
File with .pdf extension Santa Clara Conduit Calaveras Fault Crossing Levee/Road Culvert Repair .pdf 2,311.65KB 
File with .pdf extension South California Edison Removal of Idle Facilities, amended CEC, March 12 2013 .pdf 1,240.38KB 
File with .pdf extension Southern San Joaquin MUD Reorganization #1 .pdf 1,289.77KB 
File with .pdf extension Tracy Fish Facility Water Hyacinth Athorization .pdf 397.13KB 
File with .pdf extension Westlands Water District Modification at Coalinga Canal 7.04L .pdf 339.89KB 
File with .pdf extension Widening OHara Avenue in Oakley .pdf 1,290.71KB