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Humboldt River Water Conservation Project
Reclamation proposes to approve and fund Pershing County Water Conservation District (PCWCD) to install a hydropower turbine on Rye Patch Dam. Improvements would also be installed in Pitt Dam and Rogers Dam and Canal to help coordinate releases with Rye Patch. The purpose for the project would be to generate electricity that could be sold back to the existing grid. Revenue generated by the sale of power would provide PCWCD with a steady source of funding for water system improvements and to offset irrigation pumping costs throughout the PCWCD system. The improvements funded by the power generation would potentially increase the conservation efficiency of existing facilities in the district, including the Rye Patch Dam and Reservoir.

Environmental Assessment was available for public review on December 3, 2012. Comments were due December 28, 2012. FONSI signed on February 13, 2013.

Julia Long
Phone: 530-276-2044

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