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Meridian Farms Water Company Phase 2 Fish Screen Project
Reclamation proposes to provide cost-share funding to Meridian Farms Water Company (MFWC) through its Anadromous Fish Screen Program for replacing their existing unscreened intake structure on the Sacramento River with a new screened intake structure facility that meets the California Department of Fish and Game and National Marine Fisheries Service anadromous fish screen criteria. MFWC is proposing to remove their existing Meridian Diversion/Pumping Plant along the Sacramento River in the vicinity of the Town of Meridian, Sutter County California and replace it with a new diversion/pumping plant equipped with retractable cylindrical fish screens to preventing entrainment of migrating, at-risk, native fish species. The project would also include improvement of the Main Canal to increase flow capacity to the Drexler Service area, extension of the Drexler Pipeline, and construction of a new Drexler re-lift pump station on the Main Canal east of the Sacramento River. The existing Drexler Diversion/Pumping Plant located south of the Meridian Diversion on the Sacramento River would be removed. The Proposed Project/Action would not increase MFWC’s overall diversion capacity from the Sacramento River.

The Draft EA/IS and FONSI was available for public review during a 30-day comment period from August 8, 2012 through September 7, 2012. FONSI signed on September 29, 2015.

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