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Madera Irrigation District Long-Term Banking Project with North Kern and Semitropic Water Storage Districts
Reclamation propoes to approve Madera Irrigation District’s (MID) delivery of its Central Valley Project Friant Water, Recaptured Water, Recovered Water Account water, and 215 Water (when available) for banking outside of their service area boundary in North Kern Water Storage District (NKWSD) and Semitropic Water Storage District (Semitropic). MID would deliver up to 20,000 acre-feet per year (AF/y) (March through February) to NKWSD or Semitropic for banking, contingent on water supplies availability and there being excess capacity in the necessary conveyance facilities.

The Draft EA and Draft FONSI are available for public review from July 2, 2012 through August 2, 2012.

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File with .pdf extension Draft FONSI MID Long-Term Banking with NKWSD and/or Semitropic .pdf 148.97KB 
File with .pdf extension Draft EA MID Long-Term Banking with NKWSD and/or Semitropic .pdf 690.97KB