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Amendment to the Meyers Groundwater Banking Exchange Agreement
Reclamation will amend the existing long-term water banking exchange program to increase the annual rate of extraction from 6,316 acre-feet (AF) to 10,526 AF, increase the cumulative total amount of Central Valley Project (CVP) water banked in Meyers Bank at any given time from 35,000 AF to 60,000 AF, increase the amount of Banta Carbona Irrigation District’s (BCID’s) non-CVP water conveyed in the Delta-Mendota Canal for banking from 5,000 AF/year to 10,000 AF/year, to approve the annual transfer of up to 10,000 AF/year of BCID’s CVP water in-lieu of their non-CVP water for banking at Meyers Bank and to include the delivery of banked water via the existing exchange program to other lands within the service area of San Luis Water District (SLWD). The purpose of the Proposed Action is to increase the reliability of existing water supplies for Meyers Farm and other contractors located within SLWD.

The Draft EA and FONSI are available for public review from July 2, 2012 through July 31, 2012. FONSI signed and Final EA completed on September 16, 2013.

Rain Emerson
Phone: 559-487-5196

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File with .pdf extension Signed FONSI and Final EA,Amendment to Meyers Groundwater Banking Exchange Agreement .pdf 5,568.00KB 
File with .pdf extension Draft EA/FONSI Amendment to Meyers Groundwater Banking Exchange Agreement .pdf 2,642.54KB