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Resource Management Plan

Goals and Objectives Summary for the East Park Reservoir RMP

Final RMP/EA and FONSI

The Need for a Resource Management Plan

Public use of Reclamation reservoirs has increased significantly in recent years, placing increased demands on the limited lands and facilities surrounding the reservoirs in the Mid-Pacific Region, including California, Nevada, and Oregon. The goals for East Park Reservoir are as follows:

Static photos:  Collage of lake and warning signsEast Park Reservoir's facilities have been underdeveloped and overused. Reclamation's goal is to implement optimum rather than maximum recreational development, maintaining resource protection while providing visitors with a low-density recreational experience and enhancing benefits to the local economy. 

The RMP will supercede the East Park General Recreation Development Plan, June 1969, and will incorporate the 1983 Draft East Park Reservoir Area Management Plan.