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Our Services include:

Contract Administration 

The Office Engineering Division offers comprehensive construction contract administration services beginning early in preconstruction phase and continuing long after the onsite work is finished to provide the customer a complete package.

  • Engineering and design support
  • Draft specification review
  • Claims analysis, negotiation and settlement
  • Contractor payments
  • Records and correspondence management
  • As-built drawings
  • Quantities for progress payments
  • Terra modeling, Auto Cad
  • Cost estimates, cost and price analysis.
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule development and analysis

On-site Construction Inspection and Management

The Field Engineering Division consists of the inspection group and resident engineers to manage all onsite construction December 20, 2005

  • Electrical, mechanical, and civil inspectors trained for complex heavy civil construction projects
  • Daily monitoring and documentation of construction activities
  • Integration of environmental concerns and commitments during construction
  • Feasibility, value engineering and constructability reviews
  • Certified NACE Level III coatings inspector

Contracting Officer

MPCO has its own in-house Level IV Administrative Contracting Officer.

  • Expertise from specification review through contract close-out
  • Compliance with acquisition regulations and contractual requirements
  • Rapid processing of contract change orders and modifications
  • Claims analysis

Earth and Concrete Laboratory

The MPCO materials laboratory consists of certified materials technicians to perform preconstruction and construction analysis of various earth and concrete materials.

  • Sampling, testing, and analysis of materials
  • Solution of geologic problems
  • Dam safety investigations
  • Mobile onsite laboratory facilities
  • Investigation of material failures

Precision Surveying

The MPCO Survey Group conducts pre-construction surveying for preparation of design data packages and quantity surveys during construction.

  • Precision surveys for fine mechanical tolerances (optical tooling)
  • Global Position Survey capabilities
  • Establish project horizontal and vertical controls
  • Topographic mapping
  • Route design
  • Right-of-way engineering
  • Specification quantity review
  • Reciprocal leveling up to one mile

Health and Safety...First, Always 

The MPCO, under the direction of the Safety Manager and Division Chiefs, commands a comprehensive, professional safety program for its staff and contractors.

  • Reclamation Safety and Health Standards
  • Hazardous waste operations
  • CPR, first-aid, blood borne pathogen exposure training
  • Contractor compliance with strict Reclamation standards as well as Federal and State regulations

Project Management

The MP Construction Office offers a full spectrum of Project Management Services ranging from advice and consultation to full-scale, all inclusive management of small or large construction projects from beginning to end. Project management services typically can include project cost estimating, master scheduling and periodic updates, monthly expenditure reports, risk management, data feedback processing, and management of contingencies.



For more information please contact:

Richard Welsh P.E.
Construction Engineer
PO Box 988 Willows, CA 95988-0988
Main Phone: (530) 934-7066     Commercial Fax : (530) 934-7679

December 7, 2005