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  Project Name Project Description
Baseline Monitoring for MTBE Examine MTBE levels before and after three summer holidays
CDFW R-4 monitoring water quality in and around the Los Banos Wildlife Area (WA), and at well heads of groundwater wells located on the China Island, Gadwall and Salt Slough Units of the North Grasslands WA Complex
Cachuma - Water Quality
Delta Mendota Canal - Health Department Monitoring of DOC and TOC at MP 3.5 and McCabe Av on the Delta Mendota Canal.
Delta Mendota Canal - Non Project Monitor quality of water going into the SL Res. from the DMC & provide water quality baseline data on the canal.
Delta Mendota Canal - Sump Monitor water quality of sumps on the tile drain system that discharges into the Delta Mendota Canal.
Delta Mendota Canal Selenium Loading Monitoring Selenium concentrations along the length of the Delta Mendota Canal
Folsom Safety of Dams Collection of soil/sediment samples as background to construction activities at Folsom Reservoir.
Grasslands Project Program to monitor the movement of agricultural drainage through the Grassland Water District.
Kesterson Monitoring Wells Monitor 25 groundwater wells in the Kesterson Reservoir to ensure the Se plume has not migrated out of Kesterson Reservoir.
Kesterson On-Site Disposal To monitor the quality of water in Kesterson wells.
Kesterson Rain Pools Monitor 17 seasonal rain pools in the Kesterson Reservoir to determine if selenium is penetrating the clay cap.
Klamath Water Quality NOT OUR PROJECT
Lake Berryessa Water Quality Monitoring of coliform bacteria and e-coli in surface water at public beach areas of Lake Berryessa
Land Retirement Program Baseline monitoring of groundwater in former agricultural land to be returned to native habitat
Long Canyon Creek Mine Drainage Study Assistance to EPA and South Fork Band of Western Shoshone to test water quality entering Tribal lands from abandoned mines.
New Melones Sewage Pond Regional Water Quality Board requirement to test quality of the lining of sewage storage lagoons at New Melones Reservoir
Refuge Waters Baseline monitoring ground water and surface water entering and exiting the Grey Lodge Wildlife Refuge
Regional Baseline Monitoring Region wide monitoring program to assess the quality of water delivered from Reclamation facilities. BS_MN_10 and BS_MN_17 no longer used as of 9/2002.
San Joaquin Valley Drainage Program -
San Justo Program To monitor the quality of water returning to the reservoir and escaping to the wetland.
San Justo Seepage Investigation Investigation of seepage into Teledyne Lake. This special investigation lead to the current San Justo monitoring project.
Site Unknown Site Unknown
Special Investigation Projects Project Dependent
Tracy Experimental Fish Facility To quantify physical and chemical water quality parameters that may be stressing fish at the Tracy Fish Collection Facility.


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