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Grazing Management Plan (GMP)

The GMP is an element of the RMP

This Grazing Management Plan (GMP) will:

The GMP will develop a long-term management strategy for grazing administration on retained Newlands Project lands that:

Relationship to Other Initiatives: The GMP relates to the initiative pertaining to lands and resources necessary to be retained for project purposes by ensuring effective administration to protect Reclamation-managed lands, facilities, and waterbodies, as well as to improve resource management. Newlands Project lands were evaluated to determine whether they are still required for Project purposes. Those parcels no longer necessary have been identified for disposal or relinquishment to the Bureau of Land Management. Most of the pastures currently being grazed are being considered for disposal or relinquishment.

For additional information related to the GMP, please contact Jennifer Birri at 775-884-8349 or Andrea Minor at 775-884-8366.

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