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Delta-Mendota Canal/California Aqueduct Intertie (Intertie)

interactive image:  photo of the Delta-Mendota Canal; click for larger photo
Delta-Mendota Canal

The Intertie has been constructed in an unincorporated area of the San Joaquin Valley in Alameda County, west of the city of Tracy, California. The facility is located in a rural agricultural area owned by federal and state governments.

The Intertie, a shared federal-state water system improvement, connects the DMC (federal facility) and the CA (state facility) via two 108-inch-diameter pipes and pumping capacity of 467 cubic feet per second (900 cfs gravity flow from CA to DMC). The Intertie connection is 500 linear feet. The Intertie addresses DMC conveyance conditions that had restricted use of the C.W. “Bill” Jones Pumping Plant to less than its design capacity, potentially restoring as much as 35,000 acre-feet of average annual deliveries to the Central Valley Project (CVP).

interactive image:  photo of The California Aqueduct; click for larger photo
California Aqueduct

Jones Pumping Plant and the DMC are the primary federal water delivery facilities that provide water to CVP contractors south of the Bay-Delta. The Intertie provides redundancy in the water distribution system, allows for maintenance and repair activities that are less disruptive to water deliveries, and provides the flexibility to respond to CVP and State Water Project (SWP) emergencies. The contract was awarded in July 2010 and construction was completed in April 2012.

The Intertie:

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