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  • Reclamation Announces Criteria for Developing Refuge Water Management Plans

    The Bureau of Reclamation, in coordination with the Interagency Refuge Water Management Team, has determined that the Central Valley Project Improvement Act Refuge Water Management Plan Criteria for 2010 shall be used as guidance for the 2015 Refuge Water Management Plan submittals. Refuge Plans are required every five years. Read More →

  • Bureau of Reclamation's New Drought Response Program

    The Bureau of Reclamation's new Drought Response Program supports a proactive approach to drought. It will provide assistance to water users for drought contingency planning, including consideration of climate change information and to take actions that will build long-term resiliency to drought. Read More →

  • Get Central Valley Project Information

    California`s Central Valley Basin includes two major watersheds--the Sacramento River on the north and the San Joaquin River on the south--plus the Tulare Lake Basin. Get the latest CVP water information, including water storage and power generation levels. Read More →


Projects & Places

Reclamation Recreation Map Reclamation Recreation Website

Reclamation projects have created a variety of recreation opportunities on the rivers downstream from the dams, including world class whitewater rafting and fishing opportunities. Read More →

Last Updated: 7/6/15