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Photo Gallery

interactive image: Plant seed from native San Joaquin Valley upland habitat remnants was collected and propagated in the facility at Tranquillity; click for larger photo
interactive image: Successful Restoration of Native San Joaquin Valley Upland Habitat Annuals at the Atwell Island Demonstration Project site; click for larger photo
Native plant cultivation
Annual flowers on restored retired land
interactive image:  Atwell Island Demonstration Project site, spring, 2005; click for larger photo
interactive image:  This is a two-year old hedgerow at Atwell Island. The upland habitat structure and plant composition restoration has had successful nesting of Loggerhead Shrikes and other species; click for larger photo
Successful restoration of annuals
Using hedgerows as a revegetation strategy
interactive image: Native seed mixed for planting with the range land drill or imprinter; click for larger photo
interactive image:  Various techniques for restoring retired farmlands have been tested as part of the demonstration project; click for larger photo
Preparing native San Joaquin Valley seed mixtures
Habitat restoration techniques
interactive image:  Groundwater levels were measured quarterly at two demonstration project sites in the San Joaquin Valley.  Shallow groundwater levels showed a declining trend in response to land retirement; click for larger photo
interactive image:  Revegetation of retired farmland is an integral part of the land retirement demonstration research; click for larger photo
Drainage reduction monitoring
Monitoring restoration trials
interactive image:  Fire is a tool used to assist restoration of upland habitat at Atwell Island; click for larger photo
interactive image:  AmeriCorps crew works at Atwell Island as a partner with BLM and the Alpaugh community; click for larger photo
Using fire to prepare retired land for seeding
Americorps crew members at Atwell Island site
interactive image:  Knowing listed species habitat requirements can help in planning restoration work. Tipton Kangaroo Rat, a listed species, have moved into areas retired from agriculture at Atwell Island; click for larger photo
interactive image:  Horned lizard from healthy population at Atwell Island; click for larger photo
Species recovery (Tipton Kangaroo Rat)
Horned lizard – Atwell Island site