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Interagency Recreation Pass - 50% Discount Information

50% Discount for Interagency Senior Pass & Interagency Access Pass Holders

Generally applies when:

At times this discount does not apply or only applies to the pass holder:

Individual campsites: The discount only applies to the site occupied by the pass holder. Additional campsites occupied by the pass holder’s party do not receive the discount.

Group campsites: The discount does not apply if a flat fee is charged. However, if there is a per-person rate, only the pass holder receives the discount.

Utility hookups: There is no discount if the hookup fee is separate from the camping fee. If the hookup fee is a part of the overall camping fee, the discount applies.

Concessionaire Fees: Some campsites are run by private parties known as concessionaires. Discounts may or may not apply depending on how their permits or contracts are written.

Mandatory transportation: If the transportation system is required by the managing agency to reach your destination, the discount may apply.

Optional transportation: If you are choosing an offered transportation option, the discount does not apply.

Combined with other fees: If the transportation system is combined with another fee that does receive the discount, such as a guided tour, the discount may apply.

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