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Lake Berryessa Prospectus

CAD Drwgs

Coversheet Part 3 – Instructions to Offerors
Introduction Part 4 – Business Opportunity
Part 1 – Summary Business Opportunity Part 5 – Proposal Package
Part 2 – Concession Management Overview  
Draft Contract
Part 6 – Draft Contract
Exhibit A – Non Discrimination Exhibit H - Improvement Project Procedures
Exhibit B – Area of Operation Exhibit I - Insurance Requirements
Exhibit C – Construction of Capital Improvements Exhibit J - Annual Financial Report Forms
Exhibit D – Concession Improvements Exhibit K - Reserve Account for Facility Improvements
Exhibit E – Assigned Government Property Exhibit L - Reclamation Directives & Standards
Exhibit F – Maintenance Plan Exhibit M - Thematic Merchandising
Exhibit G – Operating Plan  
Part 7.1 – Area Historical Data Part 7.8 – Existing Personal Property
Part 7.2 – Lake Berryessa Concession History

Part 7.9 – Current Rates

Part 7.3 – Projected Revenue Part 7.10 - Appraisal   Markley Cove
Part 7.4 – Area Maps Part 7.11 – Rate Approval Program
Part 7.5 – Operations and Maintenance Plan Part 7.11a – Concession Review Program
Part 7.6 – Utilities and Infrastructure Part 7.11b – Concession Review Program Appendix A
Part 7.7 – Reserve Account for Facilities Improvement Part 7.12 – Environmental Protection & Pollution Prevention
Concession Area Maps
Putah Creek Concession Area
Aerial  |  Topographic
Spanish Flat Concession Area
Aerial  |  Topographic
Rancho Monticello Concession Area
Aerial  |  Topographic
Steele Park Concession Area
Aerial  |  Topographic
Lake Berryessa Marina Concession Area
Aerial Topographic
Markley Cove Concession Area
Aerial  |  Topographic
Background Documents
1959 Public Use Plan 2003 Economic Feasibility Report
1972 GAO Report 2005 California Regional Water Quality Control Board Letter
1992 Reservoir Area Management Plan (RAMP) 2005 Final Environmental Impact Statement
1992 RAMP Record of Decision 2006 Record of Decision
1995 Final OIG Report Letter OIG Audit
2002 Environmental Compliance & Facility Condition Assessment Report 2001 Condition Assessment Inventory
        Volume 1 - 24MB     |     Volume 2 - 20MB
2002 Recreation Facility Design Guidelines Annual Financial Reports:
Spanish Flat   Rancho Monticello  Lake Berryessa 
Steele Park  Markley Cove
Building Form, Line, Color, and Texture Guide Visitor Center Exhibit Design Plan
2006 Reclamation Sign Manual  
2005 Rate Comparability Study –(PDF Format) and related photos
Lake Berryessa Marina  Rancho Monticello Resort
Markley Cove Resort Spanish Flat Resort
Putah Creek Resort Steele Park Resort
Concession Laws, Regulations and Policy
Reclamation Manual
AutoCad Drawings - NOTE:  the free AutoDesk Review  program is required to view these files

Berryessa Marina   BM1420   BM1421

Spanish Flat  SF1408  SF1409  SF1410
Markley Cove  MC1437   MP1438  

Steele Park - NOTE:   The CAD file for Steele Park is not representative of the new boundary. Please refer to the topographic map located on this website to identify the change in the boundary."  
                       SP1434  SP1435   SP1436

Putah Creek   PCP1404   PCP1405   PCP1445
Rancho Monticello 
RM1426 RM1427  RM1428  RM1429  RM1452  RM1453

CAD Drwgs

Please direct questions to:
Jeff Laird, Park Manager
707-966-2111 ext 106

November 27, 2012

Michelle Hill, Administrative Officer