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Lake Berryessa Visitor Services Plan (VSP)

In 2000, the Bureau of Reclamation began planning for the Lake Berryessa area to determine the type and level of facilities and services needed for future long-term recreation operations. Some of the issues that were addressed included:

  • Day use needs
  • Marina development
  • Long-and short-term RV and trailer sites
  • Changes to concessionaire operations
  • Overnight lodging facilities and camping needs

static photo:  Rainbow over Goat IslandSince the 1950s, seven concessionaires were authorized to provide services to lake visitors. The concessionaires conducted their business on land owned by the federal government. After 50 years, the concession contracts began expiring in 2008/2009. Reclamation remains committed to providing quality recreational opportunities at Lake Berryessa.

Public use needs are very different now than when the original concession contracts were first issued. Reclamation, with the assistance of public input, developed the Visitor Services Plan (VSP) to provide an early “road map” for prospectus packages for the new concession contracts. The goal of the VSP is to support traditional, short-term, and diverse outdoor recreation opportunities for the public.

The VSP Record of Decision (ROD), released in June 2006, prescribed basic management principles to guide and support lake-wide integration of Government and commercial operations in the best interests of the visiting public. The VSP ROD limits development of the concession areas to facilities that support short-term, traditional, non-exclusive, and diverse recreation opportunities at the lake. All privately owned trailers, mobile homes, and associated personal property were removed from federal property at Lake Berryessa. There will be no reduction of powerboats, sailboats, houseboats, or current capacity at the lake. Reclamation will partner with other Government agencies, private landowners, and private organizations to design/construct a regional trail system for non-motorized recreation, to include a multipurpose shoreline trail.

Please direct questions to:
Jeff Laird, Park Manager
707-966-2111 ext 106

November 27, 2012

Michelle Hill, Administrative Officer