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The Public Affairs Office manages the Mid-Pacific Region's public affairs, public involvement, and
public education projects along with many information activities.
Pedro "Pete" Lucero, Public Affairs Officer, 916/978-5100
Pete serves as chief spokesperson for the Region, explaining our activities, programs, and flood control issues.  You may have seen him on TV or read a quote by him in the newspaper. Pete heads an office of public affairs professionals and oversees the Region’s public affairs, public involvement, and public education activities
Lynnette Wirth, Acting Public Affairs Officer, 916-978-5100
Lynnette manages the day-to-day work of the office and is responsible for the office’s public outreach activities.  She oversees the Region’s Internet site and ensures the appropriate use of Reclamation’s Visual Identity for all printed and electronic products developed for the public.  She is responsible for the content of the Internet and Intranet.  She assists with internal and external meeting facilitation and conducts Customer Service Training.
Janet Sierzputowski, Public Affairs Specialist, 916-978-5112
Janet develops and carries out various public involvement activities.  She works with the Regional Liaison in Washington D.C. to manage the Region's congressional and priority correspondence.  She develops news releases, writes speeches, and assists with special events.  She serves as the office’s chief writer/editor.
Margaret Gidding, Public Affairs Specialist, 916-978-5104
  Margaret develops and carries out a variety of public affairs activities.  She writes and produces news releases, speeches, factsheets, talking points, and other products.  She develops communication plans and conducts public involvement and public outreach activities and assists with special events
Louis Moore, Public Affairs Specialist, 916-978-5106
  Louis is responsible for content management of the Region’s Internet and Intranet sites.  He assists with the foreign visitor program and conducts public involvement activities.  He handles inquiries regarding water supply and Website issues.  He prepares news releases, assists with meeting facilitation, and helps respond to media requests.
Steve Geissenger, Public Affairs Specialist, 916-978-5108
  Steve develops publications and news releases, produces the weekly Regional Highlights report, writes speeches, and distributes the daily Regional News Clips.  He also produces the  Region’s employee newsletter, The Bottom Line, and conducts public involvement activities
Donna Potter, Public Affairs Specialist, 916-978-5103
  Donna develops/carries out public affairs activities.  She produces news releases and other products, and plans and conducts public involvement activities.  She manages the Region’s Foreign Visitor Program and is the lead for the “Take Pride in America Program.”  She also coordinates Congressional tours of the Region and briefings.
Ellen Glover, Public Affairs Specialist, 916-978-5104
Winetta Owens, Photographer, 916-978-5122
  Winetta manages the administrative requirements of the photo lab operations, dubs videos, scans photos, and takes ID photos, among her many other activities.  Winetta performs Regional Office photographer duties, documenting special events.  She also manages the bookkeeping work of the photo lab.
Kirstin Kaggerud, Office automation clerk
  Kirstin is the office’s receptionist and administrative coordinator.  She administers the VOCUS mail management information system and helps manage the Region’s congressional and priority correspondence.  She helps produce news releases and is the backup for distributing daily Regional News Clips.
Joyce Fernandez,
Karl Kochishan, Web Project Manager, 916-978-5105
Karl assists staff members with a variety of public affairs/public involvement projects, develops and maintains Internet and Intranet websites, multimedia productions, and posts Regional information on our world wide web



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Bureau of Reclamation, Mid-Pacific Region
2800 Cottage Way, Sacramento CA  95825-1898
Main 916-978-5100   |   FAX 916-978-5114   |   TTY 916-978-5608

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Last update: September 26, 2012

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