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Remand Process for the Coordinated Long-Term Operation of the CVP and SWP

Remand Update Meeting - January 16, 2014

US Supreme Court Documents

U.S. Ninth Circuit Court Documents

U.S. District Court Documents

Order Re Request Extend Remand Schedule - March 5, 2014 (click to open)
Order Permitting Response Re Request to Extend Remand Schedule (click to open)
Response Re Request to Extend Remand Schedule (Smelt/Salmon) - February 28, 2014 (click to open)
Order on Joint Motion to Extend Remand Schedule (Smelt/Salmon) - April 9, 2013 (click to open)
Opposition Filed by the Defendant-Intervenors (Smelt/Salmon) - March 29, 2013 (click to open)
Joinder Filed by the Plaintiffs - March 19, 2013 (click to open)

National Enviornmental Policy Act (NEPA)

  • Scoping Documents
  • Scoping Comments and Transcripts
  • Scoping Report
Scoping Materials for EIS on Remanded BOs for the Coordinated Long-term Operation of the CVP and SWP
State Agencies                                                                                          (Click to Open)
Interest Groups                                                                                          (Click to Open)
Individuals                                                                                                 (Click to Open)
Scoping Meeting Transcripts                                                                     (Click to Open)


Collaborative Adaptive Management Team

Remand Stakeholder Engagement (RSE) Process

Stanislaus River Focus Group Meeting - January 10, 2013 (click to open)
Stanislaus River Focus Group Meeting - December 12, 2012 (click to open)
Conference Call with Invited Stakeholders - November 30, 2012 (click to open)
Stanislaus River Focus Group Meeting – October 10, 2012 (click to open)

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