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Summary of Report

Mid-Pacific Region’s Organization

Bureau of Reclamation’s complex Mid-Pacific Region encompasses 11 multi-purpose water projects, ranging from relatively small to among the largest in the nation. The unique and essential projects are spread across southern Oregon, western Nevada and northern California. The report summarizes the Region’s organization and infrastructure.

Major Programs, Projects, and Water Storage Studies

The Region is committed to working on short- and long-term water supply improvements and environmental restoration. The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is the main focus of both those goals. As part of improving water supply reliability, the Region is advancing investigations into increasing surface water storage. To maintain current surface water storage while fulfilling an overarching mission, public safety, Reclamation and its partners are working toward completion of a $1 billion dam safety project. The report focuses on the Bay-Delta, surface water studies and the Joint Federal Project at Folsom Reservoir.

Restoration Programs Advance

The Region places equal emphasis on both maintaining water supply reliability and environmental restoration. Principal to the Region’s operations is the landmark Central Valley Project Improvement Act of 1992. The act amended previous authorizations of the Central Valley Project to include fish and wildlife protection, restoration, and mitigation as project purposes having equal priority with irrigation and domestic uses. The report summarizes the environmental restoration accomplishments of the Region’s restoration programs and projects.

static image:  photo of the Friant-Kern Canal static image:  photo of the Bay-Delta static image:  photo of a tractor placing material in the Trinity River
Friant-Kern Canal Bay-Delta Tractor placing material in the Trinity River

Climate Changes

California has experienced its driest year on record. The development came as the Region assesses the potential impacts of climate change during the 21st century and how these changes might impact water operations, hydropower, flood control, and fish and wildlife in the western United States. The Region is coordinating several different studies that will assess risks to future water supplies across its river basins and water projects, while analyzing a wide range of adaption and mitigation strategies.

WaterSMART and other Programs

Reclamation plays a key role, as the U.S. Department of the Interior’s main water management agency, in implementing the SECURE Water Act, also known as the WaterSMART program. Focused on improving water conservation and helping water and resource managers make wise decisions about water use, the Region’s portion of the WaterSMART program is achieved through administration of grants, scientific studies, technical assistance and scientific expertise.

America’s Great Outdoors Activities

The Region organized events and continued the support of existing programs that better connect the public to the outdoors in 2013. With the launch of the America’s Great Outdoors initiative in 2010, federal agencies have continued to develop programs to protect America’s natural and cultural resources, and connect people to the outdoors through jobs, education and recreation. Under AGO, the federal government has formed new partnerships with state and local governments, communities and grassroots organizations, to implement the initiative.

Lake Tahoe Dam Anniversary

The Region, in partnership with the Truckee Meadows Water Authority and the Truckee Carson Irrigation District, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the completion of Lake Tahoe Dam with a ceremony at the dam in 2013. The dam was constructed to control the top six feet of Lake Tahoe, or some 732,000 acre-feet of water. In 1981, the dam was listed on the National Register of Historical Places and is now an integral feature in Tahoe City.

static image:  photo of a globe of the earth static image:  photo of a globe of the earth static image:  One of the children, who participated in the New Melones Lake’s annual C.A.S.T. (Catch a Special Thrill) for Kids fishing event at the Tuttletown Recreation Area, holds up a prize catch
Globe of the Earth A crew installs purple pipe to convey recycled water in San Jose, Calif. One of the children, who participated in the New Melones Lake’s annual C.A.S.T. (Catch a Special Thrill) for Kids fishing event at the Tuttletown Recreation Area, holds up a prize catch

February 25, 2014