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Mid-Pacific Region Organization

Bureau of Reclamation

President Theodore Roosevelt signed the Reclamation Act in 1902, creating the agency that would become the Bureau of Reclamation. The agency’s initial mission: Develop and provide water for the 17 semi-arid western states. Reclamation has built 475 major structures, including Folsom Dam on the American River and Shasta Dam on the Sacramento River.

Mid-Pacific Region

The Mid-Pacific Region, one of five Reclamation regions, covers the northern two-thirds of California, most of western Nevada and part of southern Oregon. The Region fulfills obligations for water delivery for agriculture and urban uses, power generation, water conservation, water recycling and reuse, and protecting natural and cultural resources. The Region develops partnerships with customers, states, and Native American tribes; and addresses competing needs for limited water resources.

Mid-Pacific Region Headquarters Office

The Regional Director’s Office in Sacramento is the lead office for the Region and includes the regional director and deputy regional director, as well as the assistant regional director for business services and the assistant regional director of technical services.

Within Region Headquarters

Area Offices

Klamath Basin Area Office

The office, in Klamath Falls, Ore., operates the Klamath Project, which spans the Oregon-California border. Two main sources supply water for the project: The Upper Klamath Lake and Klamath River; and Clear Lake Reservoir, Gerber Reservoir, and Lost River.

Northern California Area Office

The office, at Shasta Dam, north of Redding, manages Reclamation operations from north of Sacramento to near the California-Oregon border. It is responsible for the Central Valley Project’s Shasta-Trinity and Sacramento River divisions, which include Shasta Dam, powerplant and reservoir.

Central California Area Office

The office, at Folsom Dam, near Sacramento, manages Reclamation activities in 12 counties, including the CVP’s American River and East Side divisions, the Auburn Folsom South Unit and the Solano Project’s Lake Berryessa. The office’s area of responsibility also encompasses Folsom Lake and New Melones reservoirs.

South-Central California Area Office

The office, in Fresno, manages Reclamation activities from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, south to the Tehachapi Mountains and the southern coastal counties of Santa Barbara and Ventura, including the CVP’s Delta, San Felipe and Friant divisions and the San Luis Unit.

Lahontan Basin Area Office

The office, in Carson City, Nev., manages Reclamation activities in northern Nevada and eastern California, including the Truckee, Carson, and Walker River drainages on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada range. The office operates the Newlands, Washoe, Humboldt and Truckee River storage projects.

static image:  map - Mid-Pacific Region Areas and Office
Mid-Pacific Region Areas and Offices

Specialized Offices

Central Valley Operations Office

The office, together with the state of California, manages daily operations of the CVP and the State Water Project from a joint operations center in Sacramento. The center coordinates releases from upstream reservoirs and Delta exports to ensure that each project achieves its share of benefit from joint water supplies.

Mid-Pacific Construction Office

The office in Willows, Calif., manages construction programs and performs preconstruction work, onsite construction management, and construction contract administration throughout the Region.

Bay-Delta Office

The office focuses on issues associated with the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The office centralizes program management to help ensure that Reclamation effectively responds to the emerging needs of the Bay-Delta.

February 22, 2013