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Climate Change


Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar released a report that assesses climate changes during the 21st century and how these might impact water operations, hydropower, flood control, and fish and wildlife in the western United States. The report to Congress, prepared by the Bureau of Reclamation, represents the first consistent and coordinated assessment of risks to future water supplies across Reclamation river basins, including those in the Mid-Pacific Region.

(For actions underway in the Region in reaction to this report, please see the next page: Climate Change Activities in 2012.)

Reclamation’s SECURE Water Act Report, released in 2011, identified the following likely climate changes, on average annually, in the Region:

interactive image:  map of sacramento and san joaquin river basins; click for larger photo
Sacramento and San Joaquin River Basin

Sacramento and San Joaquin River Basins


interactive image:  map of Klamath River Basin; click for larger photo
Klamath River Basin

Klamath River Basin


interactive image:  map of Truckee River Basin; click for larger photo
Truckee River Basin

Truckee River Basin

Climate Change Activities in 2012

The following actions are underway in the Mid Pacific Region:

February 22, 2013