Reclamation Peer Review

Information Quality – Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) Peer Review Agenda
(Updated December 2010)

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) directive, Final Information Quality Bulletin for Peer Review, dated December 16, 2004 (263 KB PDF), requires that there be a "systematic process of peer review planning" and public access to a list of information products for that will be peer reviewed as either influential scientific information or highly influential scientific assessments.

Below are the documents for which Reclamation is undertaking peer review in accordance with the OMB directive. 

Questions and comments regarding the Reclamation Peer Review Agenda may be directed to:
David Raff
Science Advisor

Peer Review Plan Entries
The Reclamation peer review plan entries below will be updated as necessary. Each describes the peer review process for the document in question, including whether and how public comment is sought.  Once peer review is complete, summary material related to the peer review that was conducted will also be posted. A link to or information about availability of the final product will be included in the Summary document.

Influential Scientific Information

Working Title Peer Review Plan Completed Peer Review
Literature Review and Scientific Synthesis on the Efficacy of Winter Orographic Cloud Seeding (PDF - 5.8 MB) View Plan (PDF - 15 KB) Final Report
Lower Yellowstone Project - Intake Diversion Dam Fish Passage Project VIew Plan (PDF - 20 KB)
Independent Scientific Peer Review of the Criteria for Protecting Adult Salmon in the Lower Klamath River VIew Plan (PDF - 27 KB)
Truckee Canal Risk Analysis and Proposed Risk Reduction – Advisory Review - Scope of Work VIew Plan (PDF - 24 KB)

Highly Influential Scientific Assessments

Working Title Peer Review Plan Completed Peer Review
Application of the Ecosystem Diagnosis and Treatment model (EDT) to quantify the benefits to the Salmon Fishery as proposed within the Upper San Joaquin River Basin Storage Investigation View Plan (PDF - 20 KB)  
Discretionary Peer Review - Under the OMB Guidelines, agencies may choose to obtain peer review for scientific information that is not judged influential or highly influential.
Working Title Peer Review Plan Completed Peer Review
Research Priorities to Enhance Pumping Plant Infrastructure Sustainability (PDF - 422 KB)  View Plan (PDF - 120 KB) Peer Review of Research Priorities Roadmap to Enhance Pumping Plant Infrastructure Sustainability (PDF - 69 KB)
Research Priorities to Enhance Dam Infrastructure Sustainability (PDF - 382 KB)  View Plan (PDF - 119 KB) Peer Review of Research Priorities Roadmap to Enhance Dam Infrastructure Sustainability (PDF - 69 KB)
Independent Assessment of August 5 Gold King Mine Incident  View Plan (PDF - 10 KB)  Final Report (PDF - 11 MB)
Research Priorities to Enhance Canal Infrastructure Sustainability  View Plan (PDF - 114 KB)  Peer Review Summary Document (PDF - 70 KB)
West-Wide Climate Risk Assessments: Hydroclimate Projections  View Plan (PDF - 84 KB)  Final Report (PDF - 11 MB)
Fundamental Considerations Associated with Placing Solar Generation Structures at Central Arizona Project Canal (PDF - 948 KB)  View Plan (PDF - 39 KB)

Additional information

For more on information quality, refer to:

Reclamation Information Quality Guidelines Information

Reclamation Information Quality Guidelines - Reclamation Manual (554 KB PDF) 

Department of the Interior Information Quality Guidelines (155 KB PDF)


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