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Audio file Topic: Where The Water Goes - Can we interest you in some slightly used water? in fact, pretty much all the water there is on earth has been here from the time the planet was formed. What this means is that when water is used for something, say irrigating crops in the field or making that cup of coffee you had this morning, its's not used up. Eventually it will end up back in what's called the hydrologic cycle.
(Great Plains Region 3/24/10)
5 minutes 53 seconds
Audio file

Topic: Clean. Green. Hydropower - Reclamation has a long history of helping provide the economic underpinning for economies in the western United States. We were created by President Theodore Roosevelt over a hundred years ago to do just that, to help bring water and power to the western United States.
(Great Plains Region 2/1/10)

9 minutes 10 seconds
Audio file

Topic: Community Involvement - Reclamation is the largest wholesale water supplier and the second largest supplier of hydroelectric power in the nation... those hundreds of federal employees are also members of their community.
(Great Plains Region 10/27/09)

7 minutes 52 seconds
Audio file

Topic: Platte River Recovery Program: Past, present, future - Supplying water to residents, businesses, and agriculture while protecting the environment and species diversity can be a difficult balance to maintain.
(Great Plains Region 8/18/09)

10 minutes 33 seconds
Audio file

Topic: Be Water Smart - Not Water Short - It's a simple thing we do time after time without a second thought. But the management of water is what makes civilized life possible.
(Great Plains Region 7/10/09)

9 minutes 8 seconds
Audio file

Topic: Water Wise with Otto Otter - For millions of visitors, spring means it's time to pack up and head for the nearest reservoir for fun and recreation on the water. However you mix water and fun, the most important thing is to enjoy it safely.
(Great Plains Region 5/15/09)

9 minutes 36 seconds
Audio file

Topic: Hunting & Fishing on Reclamation Lands - Federal Public Lands in the Great Plains Region are remarkable for the many natural resources and diverse recreation opportunities they offer. Hunting & fishing is often permitted on lands and waters administered by the Bureau of Reclamation.
(Great Plains Region 4/15/09)

8 minutes 40 seconds
Audio file

Topic: Mussel Beach - Quagga and zebra mussels are tiny shellfish usually no larger than your fingernail, but these invertebrates represent an insidious threat to our waterways and other vital national infrastructure.
(Great Plains Region 3/16/09)

8 minutes 30 seconds
Audio file

Topic: Recovery Act and Reclamation - As part of the Administration's Effort to create jobs and strengthen the American Economy, the Bureau of Reclamation has a major role in funding projects through the American Recovery and Investment Act. Transcript (PDF 88 KB) (Reclamation 8/3/10)

2 minutes 50 seconds
Audio file

Topic: Recovery Act's Shovel Ready Projects - With nearly $1 billion in REcovery Act Funding, the employees of the Bureau of Reclamation are working hard to strengthen the economy, create jobs, and bring much-needed infrastructure improvements to a 17-state region. Transcript (PDF 88 KB) (Reclamation 8/13/10)

2 minutes 41 seconds
Audio file Topic: Inspecting Urban Canals - In January of 2008, the failure of an irrigation canal near Fernley, Nevada, flooded several homes and prompted a review of canal safety across the west. As part of its investment of more than one-hundred-sixty-four million dollars for infrastructure reliability and safety across the west, reclamation developed a plan to inspect canals in urban areas – using on-the-ground and aerial inspection methods. 2 minutes 10 seconds
Audio file Topic: Improving Red Bluff Diversion Dam - In carrying out its work to provide water for arid farmlands in the west, Reclamation partners with many state and non-governmental entities to solve sometimes complex environmental challenges. One example is found in California’s central valley, where the red bluff diversion dam provides water to more than 150-thousand acres of high-value orchards each growing season. 3 minutes 37 seconds
Audio file Topic: Focusing on California's Bay-Delta - Mike Connor says that when he was sworn in as reclamation commissioner in May of 2009, he entered with a strong understanding that long-term drought in California would present a major set of challenges. But today, months later, he says that back then he did not fully imagine how much of his daily efforts would focus on California issues. 3 minutes 9 seconds
Audio file Topic: Partnering to Assist the Bay-Delta - California’s twenty-ten water year opened on a grim note, with a three-year drought creating uncertainty and headaches for countless farm families in the golden state. Early water allocations by the state water project and Reclamation matched the dire expectations. But with the constant attention of the administration, and a well-deserved break in drought conditions, Reclamation Commissioner Mike Connor says the water year wrapped up with better news. 2 minutes 31 seconds
Audio file Topic: Embracing the Secretary's Youth Initiative - 2011 marks the first year that members of the so-called “baby boom generation” reach the age of sixty-five. As the federal workforce passes over that milestone, and each new wave of retirements is announced, a wealth of knowledge and experience walks away from the federal sector. This is why Reclamation Commissioner Mike Connor has taken a key priority of Secretary Ken Salazar, the Youth Initiative, and made it part of the d-n-a of his organization. 3 minutes 18 seconds
Audio file Topic: Investing in Treasured Landscapes - Of the key initiatives of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, one which touches the core of America’s natural heritage is the secretary’s ‘treasured landscapes’ initiative. Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Mike Connor says his agency has a clear role in carrying out the initiative’s key activities. 3 minutes 37 seconds
Audio file Topic: Delivering Water to Remote Areas - Since its creation, the Bureau of Reclamation has brought water to the most arid portions of the 17 western states. But some areas are even more remote. Commissioner Mike Connor sees this as a key challenge for the coming century. 2 minutes 38 seconds
Audio file Topic: Bringing Water to Native Communities - During his time with the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, and its chairman – Senator Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico – Reclamation Commissioner Mike Connor was a witness to some key developments in fulfilling the government’s treaty responsibilities with Native American communities. Today, Commissioner Connor says he has carried these lessons of collaboration and communication with him. 2 minutes 42 seconds

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