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  • Bureau of Reclamation Glossary
    Definitions for terms commonly used by the Bureau of Reclamation
  • DataWeb
    DataWeb is an electronic presentation of the Bureau of Reclamation´s (Reclamation) Project Data Book. Compilations of this kind of information have been published beginning in 1941 under the title Summarized Data on Federal Reclamation Projects and continued until 1982 as Reclamation Project Data (Supplemental). 
  • Earth Manual, Part 1
    The United States Bureau of Reclamation has published Part 1 of its Earth Manual, Third Edition, with 311 pages and 157 figures, the Earth Manual comprehensively covers the engineering of earthen structures. Extensive bibliographies supplement each chapter. An exhaustive index references and cross-references hundreds of terms in this book.
  • Economics and Resources Planning Group Publications
    Publications available in electronic format created by the Economic Planning group
  • Engineering Geology Field Manual
    Provides guidelines and instructions for performing and documenting field work
  • Environmental Documents (Albuqerque Area Office)
    Biological Assessments & Opinions, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, Federal Register Notices, Findings of No Significant Impact, Records of Decision, Technical Reports, Public Meeting Materials, Adaptive Management Plans
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Manual
    The Erosion and Sedimentation Manual provides a comprehensive coverage of subjects in nine
    chapters (i.e., introduction, erosion and reservoir sedimentation, noncohesive sediment transport,
    cohesive sediment transport, sediment modeling for rivers and reservoirs, sustainable
    development and use of reservoirs, river processes and restoration, dam decommissioning and
    sediment management, and reservoir surveys and data analysis
  • Facilities Instructions, Standards, and Techniques
    Pertains to the operation and maintenance of hydroelectric equipment
  • Materials Engineering and Research Lab
    Standard Specification Paragraphs & Standard Concrete Repair Specifications
  • NEPA Handbook - Draft edition only
    Please contact
    Theresa Taylor@ 303-445-2806
  • Reclamation Manual
    A guide to effective water measurement practices for better water management
  • Resource Management Plan Guidebook (PDF - 3 MB)
    Hands-on information on how to prepare a resource management plan
  • Water Measurement Manual
    A guide to effective water measurement practices for better water management
  • Water Operations and Maintenance Bulletins
    Are published quarterly for the benefit on water supply systems operators
  • Water Recreation Opportunity Spectrum Users' Guide
    Is a tool to understand the type and location of six types of water related recreation opportunities,
    otherwise known as WROS classes.
  • Water Treatment Engineering and Research Library
    Electronic publications for the Water Treatment and Engineering & Research Group
  • Water Resources Research Laboratory Online Publications
    Series Include: Hydraulic Laboratory Reports - HL, HYD, PAP, TR
    Research Reports - R, REC-ERC, GR & Engineering Manual and Monographs

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