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Groundwater Recovery and River Regulation Program - Yuma Area Well Fields and Map

  • Yuma Valley Well Field 
    The Yuma Valley Well Field consists of 14 drainage wells located along the eastern toe of the Mesa. Seven of these wells are operated and maintained by Reclamation while the other seven belong to the Yuma County Water Users' Association. The discharge from these wells is conveyed through a conduit system to the Yuma Valley Division of the Yuma Project drainage system at the Southerly International Boundary as part of Mexico's entitlement to Colorado River water.
map of Yuma area well fields
  • South Gila Valley Well Field and Conduit System 
    The Drain Pump Outlet Channel (DPOC) drainage system consists of 24 drainage wells which provide adequate drainage for the agricultural lands of the South Gila Valley. This drainage is returned to the Gila River Pilot Channel and the Colorado River by DPOC Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, to become a part of the Treaty water delivered to Mexico above Morelos Dam.
  • Yuma Mesa Well Field and Conduit System
    The Yuma Mesa Well Field and Conduit System consists of 12 wells which make up the overall groundwater recovery and river regulation program for the Yuma area. The groundwater recovered from the Yuma Mesa Well Field is collected in a conduit system and conveyed to a point in the Colorado River near Yuma.
  • 242 Well Field - Protective and Regulatory Pumping Unit
    The Protective and Regulatory Pumping Unit consists of a well field and delivery system located within a 5-mile-wide strip of land along the United States/Mexico border in southwestern Arizona. The unit consists of 21 wells which intercept part of the ground-water underflow moving southward into Mexico from the Yuma Mesa in the United States. The ground water recovered by the unit is collected in a conveyance system (the 242 Lateral) and is delivered to Mexico by the United States as a portion of the treaty obligations of Colorado River water.

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