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Cooperative Research and Development Agreements

Photo of the Water Quality Improvement CenterThe Bureau of Reclamation's Water Quality Improvement Center (WQIC) is designed to serve as a field site for investigation of new and improved water treatment technologies. Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) are open to any party with a research project. Congress authorized CRADAs under the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 (PL 99-502) to enhance and facilitate collaboration between governmental agencies and commercial firms.

Reclamation operates the WQIC on a cost-shared or cost-reimbursed basis. The CRADA partner may provide funds, facilities, people, or other resources. The WQIC provides CRADA partners with access to unique government facilities, equipment and expertise; increased exchange of ideas through people-to-people contact; and reduced time between research and development and commercialization. Rights to inventions and other intellectual property are negotiated between the WQIC and the participant, and certain proprietary data that are generated may be protected for up to five years. Establishing a working relationship is usually very quick and easy.

Steps to a CRADA

  1. To begin the CRADA process, you should contact Mike Norris, YAO Desalting Group, at (928) 343-8214.
  2. Mr. Norris will discuss your research project with you and assist you with developing a statement of work (SOW). The SOW identifies the tasks involved in the research project and who will perform which tasks, and it details the financial transactions involved in the project and the expected outcomes of the research project. 
  3. WQIC staff will provide additional information to the SOW, including cost estimates for the project. Our staff will then send the draft SOW to you for review.
  4. The WQIC staff will also send you a copy of the CRADA standard articles to review. The WQIC operates according to a standard CRADA legal document that accompanies the SOW. This agreement contains the general provisions of the CRADA, which describes the legal responsibilities of both partners.
  5. After the prospective CRADA has met your approval, Reclamation lawyers review the document.
  6. Once approved by our legal staff, the CRADA is signed by both Reclamation and you. The agreement is then in force, and you may deposit the agreed upon contributions into an assigned account and begin your project.

Download a blank CRADA in pdf format

Download a blank CRADA in word format

Current Research

Current In-House and Partnered Research Projects

For more information about how to use the WQIC to test your water treatment processes and/or technology, contact Angela Adams, Desalting Group, through email or by phone at 928-343-8114.



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