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Senator Wash and Colorado River
Senator Wash and Colorado River

Dams Along the Lower Colorado River

A series of dams and reservoirs along the Lower Colorado River serve to maintain a more steady supply of water despite erratic river flows. These dams and reservoirs prevent or minimize flooding and control river levels through saving water in times of surplus for use in times of drought.

There are two types of dams: storage dams and diversion dams. Storage dams create large reservoirs that store water for flood control, recreation, hydroelectric power generation, and irrigation. Diversion dams primarily allow operators to maintain a constant, stable water supply from which specific quantities of water may be diverted into canals to maintain year-round irrigation. No significant amounts of water are stored behind diversion dams.

The dams listed here are located along the lower Colorado River. Many of these structures are either maintained and controlled and/or owned by the Bureau of Reclamation.

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