Lower Colorado River Operations
Data and information about our management of this natural resource.

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Current Conditions

Geographic-based River and Reservoir Operations Reports - pages offering hourly and daily operations data by geographic location.

Hourly Elevations and Releases
Present Day
Past 4 Days

Daily Reservoir Levels/Elevations
Mead, Mohave, Havasu
Archives of Past Months
Other Upper Basin Reservoirs 

USGS Water Data - Real-time data from other gages on the Colorado River and its tributaries. 

USGS WaterAlert - Service that sends messages about real-time gage data.

Water Supply & Uses

Water Supply Report - updated weekly

Forecasted Water Use - 2015 
Actual Water Use - 2015

Water Accounting and Use Reports - by calendar year for Arizona, California and Nevada 

Water Entitlements/Contracts Information 

Projected Operations

Hourly Power/Releases - updated daily 
Davis Dam and Parker Dam
Headgate Rock Dam

7-Day Reservoir Outlook - updated daily
Lake Mead Daily Elevation Projections

Daily Elevations/Release Graphs - updated weekly
Lake Mead/Hoover Dam
Lake Mohave/Davis Dam
Lake Havasu/Parker Dam

Weekly River Operations Schedule - updated weekly

Two-Year Projected Operations
Lakes Mead, Mohave, Havasu & Upper Basin
24-Month Study Current - updated monthly
24-Month Study Archives (2011 to present)

Historical Data

Historical Reservoir Levels - updated monthly

Lake Mead High/Low Elevation Graphs
Line graph with text data
Bar graph with text data
Bar graph only 

Historical Flow Below Hoover Dam (graph)

Historical Stream Flow Reports

Ongoing Programs & Activities

updated iconColorado River Basin Water Supply & Demand Study

Climate Research & Development in the Colorado River Basin

Colorado River Interim Guidelines for Lower Basin Shortages and Coordinated Operations for Lake Powell and Lake Mead

updated iconColorado River Basin Natural Flow and Salt Data

Annual Operating Plans (AOPs)

new icon DRAFT 2016 AOP - Second Consultation

2015 AOP 

Annual Operating Plan Archives (1970 to present) 

General Info and Links

The Colorado River Documents 2008 - A book that discusses the Interior Secretary's management of the Colorado River from 1979 through 2008.

Law of the River - Legislation governing Colorado River operations and management.

Archived Reports - Documents related to river operations including the Colorado River Water Delivery Agreementthe Colorado River Storage & Interstate Release Agreement, etc are available here. 

Evaporation from Lake Mead - A USGS report published in 2013 detailing the results of a 2-year evaporation study on Lake Mead, March 2010 through February 2012.

2009 Lake Mead Area and Capacity Tables -Contains updated data (based on a 2001 reservoir sedimentation survey and a 2009 LiDAR survey) for Lake Mead. The updated tables were put into use operationally in January 2012.

River Miles Chart - River mile distances for points along the Lower Colorado River from the southerly international boundary with Mexico.

Army Corps of Engineers Guidelines - Info on permits needed for construction along the lower Colorado River.

USGS Lower Colorado River Studies - Studies completed in cooperation with Reclamation to collect hydrologic data and develop methods to account for consumptive use of Colorado River water.

Colorado Basin River Forecast Center - National Weather Service info on water supply and snowpack for both the Upper and Lower Colorado River Basins.

Bill Williams River Basin Real-Time Data - Corps of Engineers info on flows and water supply along the Bill Williams River and at Alamo Dam.

Gila River Basin Real-Time Data - Corps of Engineers info on flows and water supply along the Gila River and at Painted Rock Dam.

Snow-Precipitation Update - Provides daily Snow-Precipitation updates for the Colorado River Basin above Lake Powell.

Lake Mead/Lake Mohave Air and Water Temperatures - Daily regional temperatures and precipitation - including water temperatures for Lakes Mead and Mohave - provided by the National Weather Service.

Lake Mead Water Quality Monitoring - Real-time water quality monitoring, air/water temperatures, etc. - provided by the US Geological Survey, in partnership with Reclamation, the National Park Service, and Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Colorado River Boating - Publications and information provided courtesy of the California Department of Boating and Waterways, Arizona Game and Fish Department, and Nevada Department of Wildlife.
Boating Trail Guide - Davis Dam to Parker Dam
Boating Trail Guide - Blythe to Imperial Dam
Colorado River Safe Boating Hints
Colorado River - Tri-State Boating Safety Guide
Tri-State Boating Safety Partners web site

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