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Laguna Division Conservation Area
Project Milestones/Schedule

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Project Milestones/Schedule
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The project will be completed in three primary phases:

  • site clearing,
  • water delivery components construction, and
  • revegetation.

Througout the entire project, stakeholder coordination; environmental, cultural and lands compliance; site monitoring; and project management activities are ongoing.

Timeframes listed for the project are subject to change.

Laguna Division Planning Group formed
Draft Design Developed
Oct 2010
Project Approved for Inclusion in LCR MSCP
Dec 2010
Draft Environmental Assessment
Feb 2011
Final Environmental Assessment / Finding of No Significant Impact
Feb-May 2011
Corps of Engineers Section 404 Permit Coordination
Sep-Dec 2011
Pipeline Construction
Sep 2011-Nov 2013
Clearing Operations & Earth Moving
Jul 2012-Apr 2014
Construction of Water Control Structures, Roadways, Trails
Mar 2014-Jul 2016
Vegetation Planting

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