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Laguna Division Conservation Area

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The Bureau of Reclamation is developing the Laguna Reach of the Colorado River near Yuma, Arizona, as part of the Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program, a partnership of 56 agencies working under a 50-year plan to protect the lower Colorado River environment while ensuring the certainty of existing water and power operations.

The Laguna Division was identified as having potential for large scale riparian and marsh restoration and enhancement, so a cooperative group of agencies is working to replace large saltcedar stands with a mosaic of marsh, riparian and upland habitats, restoring nearly 1,200 acres of native vegetation along several former river meanders.

The habitat of this Conservation Area is expected to attract a variety of migratory birds, and several native birds and mammals on the Endangered Species list including:

  • California black rail
  • Yuma clapper rail
  • Southwestern willow flycatcher
  • Yellow-billed cuckoo
  • Yuma hispid cotton rat
  • Western least bittern

Trails will also be available throughout the site for hiking, and bird and wildlife watching opportunities.

The project, which is expected to be complete in 2016, will be constructed so as to have no detrimental effects on Mittry Lake or existing habitats along the old Colorado River channel.

For more information on this project, navigate through the menu options above or contact Bill Singleton at wsingleton@usbr.gov or 702-293-8159, or Nicole Bolton at nbolton@usbr.gov or 702-293-8119.

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