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Reclamation Green Building in Boulder City
Photo Galleries

Since the Green Building's groundbreaking last spring, much progress has been made in the construction of this new feature. These galleries document some of the milestones and work that highlight these activities.

men at work

Gallery 1
From the building's groundbreaking in April 2010 through March 2011, this gallery shows the rapid progress of a year's construction activities.

Gallery 2
Taken in March and April 2011, these images portray the building's internal features and portions of the infrastructure that will serve the structure.

Gallery 3
Taken in May 2011, these images portray some of the finishing work on the interior of the building and portions of the infrastructure - chiller plant, parking areas, etc - that will serve the site.

Gallery 4 and Event Video new icon
On September 8, 2011, approximately 140 staff, dignitaries and local residents joined Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Mike Connor and Lower Colorado Regional Director Lorri Gray-Lee in a dedication/ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the agency’s first Green Building. These images portray some of the festivities.

High resolution copies of the images can be obtained from our Photo Lab by calling 702-293-8591 or
e-mailing lcmedia@usbr.gov. Please provide the official photo number listed under the thumbnail image.

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