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Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study

Final Study Reports
Technical Report B - Water Supply Assessment

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Executive Summary
Study Report
Technical Report A - Scenario
Technical Report B - Supply
Technical Report C - Demand
Technical Report D - Reliability Metrics
Technical Report E - Evaluation Approach
Technical Report F - Options
Technical Report G - Analysis & Evaluation

This report describes the Study’s water supply assessment. The purpose of the Water Supply Assessment is to determine the probable magnitude and variability of historical and future natural flows in the Basin.  Initially published in June 2011 under Interim Report No. 1 with updates published in February 2012, this report replaces those earlier publications.

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File Size

Technical Report B - Water Supply Assessment

3.5 MB

Appendix B1 - Water Supply Sub-Team Members

39 KB

Appendix B2 - Supplemental Water Supply Data and Methods

480 KB

Appendix B3 - Supplemental Analysis of Future Climate Data

1.4 MB

Appendix B4 - Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) Hydrologic Modeling Methods and Simulations

697 KB

Appendix B5 - Supplemental Streamflow Analysis

4.0 MB

Appendix B6 - Watershed-based Climate and Hydrologic Process Changes

4.8 MB

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