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Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study
Moving Forward to Address Challenges Identified in the Study

Next Steps - Phase 1

Municipal and Industrial Conservation and Water Reuse Workgroup

Municipal and Industrial (M&I)  conservation and water reuse were common options in the strategies explored in the Colorado River Basin Study to provide a cost-effective solutions for resolving imbalances in the near-term. This Workgroup will collect information from municipalities relying on Colorado River water and prepare a report that quantifies each municipality’s conservation and reuse savings from the initiation of conservation and reuse programs to date, documents programs that have been successful to date, quantifies the amount of additional water savings each program estimates will be achieved by 2060, and estimates the anticipated impacts on Colorado River demands. From this baseline information, the Workgroup will propose Phase 2 activities to the Coordination Team. 

This Workgroup is led by three Co-Chairs:

  • Kathy Ferris – Arizona Municipal Water Users Association
  • Jack Safely – The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • Marc Waage – Denver Water

For additional information or questions, contact:

e-mail: ColoradoRiverBasinStudy@usbr.gov
phone: 702-293-8500
fax: 702-293-8042
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Updated: February 2014