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Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study
Moving Forward to Address Challenges Identified in the Study 

Next Steps - Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Next Steps activities includes the formation of a Coordination Team and three Workgroups with members who represent federal, state, tribal, agricultural, municipal, hydropower, environmental and recreational interests. The Coordination Team directs and reviews the efforts of the three workgroups, which are listed below. Each workgroup consists of members with subject-matter expertise from various entities in an effort to bring important and varying perspectives to build on collaborative findings to pursue the next steps identified in the Study. The Phase 1 objectives of the Workgroups, along with the plan to achieve those objectives, can be found in the Phase 1 Work Plan.

Phase 1 Schedule

Activity Date
Workgroup Formation and Phase 1 Scope Development
June - September 2013
Workgroups Perform Data Collection and Analysis Activities
September 2013 - April 2014
Workgroups Prepare Draft Phase 1 Reports
April 2014
Coordination Team Prepares Integrated Summary Report and Reviews Workgroups' Draft Phase 1 Reports
June 2014
Final Phase 1 Reports Published
Summer 2014

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