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Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study

Comments Received on Final Study Reports

Written comments on the final Study reports were accepted between December 12, 2012 and April 19, 2013.  During that time, more than 60 substantially different comments were received. These comments may be used to inform future planning activities in the Basin. 

The comments are available for viewing, and linked below.

Comments submitted by organizations:

               Academy of Natural Medicine
               Advanced Laser Separation International
               American Whitewater
               Aurora Water
               Coalition to Protect the Missouri River
               Department of  Wildland Resources
               Hala Gear
               Living Rivers
               Missouri Department of Natural Resources
               National Park Service
               National Parks Conservation Association
               Natural Energy Resources Company (comment #1)
               Natural Energy Resources Company (comment #2)
               Navajo Nation
               Solar Power & Water Inc.
               The Rocky Mountain Climate Organization
               Western Area Power Administration

Comments submitted by citizens:

               Alderson, George
               Alexander, Dennis
               Alexander, Pamela
               Aschner, Judy
               Ashby, Lynn
               Barrett, John
               Braukis, Yanis
               Catt, Janice
               Chapman, Y (lmc)
               Charvat, Jan
               Click, Dave and Sue
               Corley, Heath
               Cruder, Robert
               Duffield, Mary Rose
               Elder, Orin W.
               Faircloth, Justin (submitted comment #1)
               Faircloth, Justin (submitted comment #2)
               George, Jim
               Germigniani, Anthony P.
               Goldberg, Vanessa
               Howard, Kevin J.
               Johnson, Ann
               Major, Lois
               Major, Naomi
               McCloin, Gerard
               McGrady, Ryan
               Modeen, Carolyn
               Muller, Liz
               Nass, Thomas
               Olney, Dawn
               Peck, Bill
               Radford, Jerry
               Ruff, James D.
               Schreiner, Scott A.
               Senneker, Janet L.
               Shackley, Alf
               Sonin, John S.
               Strange, Dick
               Townsend, Jean
               Van, Michael
               Vardas, Christopher
               Waterworth, Laura
               Werner, Steve
               Wortham, Anne
               Yazzie, Vincent H. (comment #1)
               Yazzie, Vincent H. (comment #2)

Approximately 17,000 people submitted an identical comment letter via the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) website. An additional 700 letters very similar in content were submitted through this website. These letters also included topics such as:

  • Parks and recreation areas in the Basin, and the wildlife that they sustain, are national treasures and priceless to future generations.
  • Parks are crucial for recreation, national and international tourism, and education.
  • Parks are important to local and state economies.
  • Parks must be included in transparent discussions of future water allocations, and water for park needs must be protected. 
  • Healthy riparian areas and wildlife are the highest priority for water, and full consideration must be given to the Multi-Species Conservation Plan developed for the lower Colorado River Basin.

For additional information or questions about the Study, contact:

e-mail: ColoradoRiverBasinStudy@usbr.gov
phone: 702-293-8500
fax: 702-293-8042
TTY/TDD Relay: Dial 711

Webmaster: sha-lcr-webcomments@usbr.gov
Updated: September 2013