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 Executive Summary
     Table of Contents
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Volume I
     Interested Reader Letter
     Front Page
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     Table of Contents and Acronyms
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        I     Introduction and Background  
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        II    Description of Alternatives  
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        III   Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences
        IV   Other NEPA Considerations  
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        V    Consultation and Coordination  
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     List of Preparers
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     Distribution List
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Volume II - Attachments      
     Table of Contents
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Volume III - Comments and Responses
     Table of Contents
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     Part A - Introduction
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     Part B - Introduction
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     Comment Letters 1 through 23
     Comment Letters 24 through 46
     Comment Letters 47 through 69

For further information, contact:
Ms. Jayne Harkins, BC00-4600
Lower Colorado Regional Office
Bureau of Reclamation
P.O. Box 61470
Boulder City, NV  89006-1470
Telephone:  (702)  293-8387

Mr. Tom Ryan, UC-438
Upper Colorado Regional Office
Bureau of Reclamation
125 South State Street
Salt Lake City, UT   84138
Telephone:  (801) 524-3732


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