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Lower Colorado Region
Environmental Compliance Group Contacts

Environmental Compliance Group Manager

Marc Maynard, Environmental Compliance Group Manager
e-mail: mmaynard@usbr.gov
phone: 702-293-8344

Biological Resource Management and ESA Compliance

Jessica Stegmeier, Natural Resource Specialist
e-mail: jstegmeier@usbr.gov
phone: 702-293-8258

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance

Faye Streier, NEPA Coordinator
e-mail: fstreier@usbr.gov
phone: 702-293-8132

Environmental Outreach & Education


Cultural Resource Management

Patricia Hicks, Regional Archaeologist
e-mail: phicks@usbr.gov
phone: 702-293-8359
Mark Slaughter, Archaeologist
e-mail: mslaughter@usbr.gov
phone: 702-293-2633

Hazardous Materials/Environmental Management System

Jeff Smith, Regional HazMat Coordinator
e-mail: JefferySmith@usbr.gov
phone: 702-293-8060
Dana Anat, Environmental Protection Specialist
e-mail: danat@usbr.gov
phone: 702-293-8055

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Updated: May 2014