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Allocation Of Water Supply and
Long-Term Contract Execution
Central Arizona Project 
June 2000

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 Report Covers      
 Volume 1   Doc  311 KB
 Volume 2 (including Table of Contents)   Doc  379 KB
 Volume 3 (including Table of Contents)   Doc  345 KB
 Front Page   Doc  12 KB
 Executive Summary    Doc  141 KB
 Table of Contents    Doc  25 KB
 I    Purpose and Need for the Proposed Action Doc Doc  152 KB
 II   Description of the Proposed Action
and Alternatives
Doc Doc  776 KB
 III   Affected Environment and Environmental
Doc Doc  929 KB
 IV   Other Environmental Considerations Doc Doc  105 KB
 V    Environmental Commitments Doc Doc  20 KB
 VI   List of Preparers    Doc  18 KB
 VII  Distribution List    Doc  20 KB
 VIII List of Acronyms    Doc  14 KB
 IX   References   Doc  17 KB
 X    Glossary   Doc  24 KB
 XI   Index   Doc  19 KB
Technical Appendices
 A   Background Assumptions for
Technical Analysis 
  Doc  213 KB
 B   CAP Allocation History    Doc  72 KB
 C   Future Water Uses by Municipalities    Doc  98 KB
 D   Socioeconomic Analysis Doc    
 E   Biological Technical Information and
Data Summaries 
 F   Scoping Report  Doc    
 G   Cultural Resources Overview  Doc    
 H   Air Quality Calculations    Doc  224 KB
 I    Groundwater Analysis Doc    
 J   Mainstem Impacts Analysis   Doc  85 KB
 K  CAP Cost Allocation and
Repayment Analysis 
  Doc  46 KB
 L   Individual Entity Descriptions  Doc    
 M  Relevant Central Arizona Water
Conservation  - District Board Briefs 
  Doc  471 KB
 N   ADWR CAP Allocation
Recommendation Letter 
  Doc  222 KB
 O  Settlement Stipulation for
CAWCD V United States 
 P  Common Conversion Factors
to Metric Units 
  Doc  11 KB


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