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Final Environmental Assessment for Assignment of Central Arizona Project Municipal & Industrial Priority Subcontract Water Entitlements from Four Water Companies to the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAGRD) 
JUNE 2007
The CAGRD Final Environmental Assessment has been divided into separate documents for easier download. Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or above is required to view these documents. Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Website

1. CAGRD Final Environmental Assessment (Full Report INCLUDING APPENDICES and FIGURES    (.pdf file - Approx. 12.3MB)

2. CAGRD Final Environmental Assessment- (Full Report- WITHOUT Appendices and Figures(.pdf file - Approx. 6.6MB)

Separate Figures: 
1)  Figure 1 - (.pdf file Approx. 1.8MB) 
2)  Figure 2 - (.pdf file Approx. 805KB)
3)  Figure 3 - (.pdf file Approx. 936KB)
4)  Figure 4 - (.pdf file Approx. 551KB)
5)  Figure 5 - (.pdf file Approx. 952KB)
6)  Figure 6 - (.pdf file Approx. 140KB)

Separate Appendices :
a)  Appendix A -  (.pdf file Approx. 404KB ) 
b)  Appendix B -  (.pdf file Approx. 644KB ) 
c)  Appendix C -  (.pdf file Approx. 1.76MB) 
d)  Appendix D -  (.pdf file Approx. 1.5MB )
e)  Appendix E  - (.pdf file Approx. 5.0MB)


4.  ISSUANCE MEMO - (.pdf file Approx. 44KB)

5.  FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT (FONSI) - (.pdf file Approx. 212KB)


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