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Finding of No Significant Impact and (FONSI) for the Provision of Leased
Ak-Chin Indian Community Water to Del Webb Corporation (Del Webb)
for Use at The Villages at Desert Hills (The Villages), Maricopa County, Arizona
NOV 1997

1)   FEA and FONSI  - (Full Version - Large file size,- be patient while downloading - .pdf appprox. 52.8MB)

2)  FINAL Environmental Assesment ( Split into smaller files)

PARTS 1,2,3:
1)  Part 1 - (.pdf file Approx. 6.3MB)
2)  Part 2 - (.pdf file Approx. 10.6MB)
3)  Part 3 - (.pdf file Approx. 3.0MB)

a)   Appendix A - (.pdf file Approx. 6.5MB)
b)   Appendix B - (.pdf file Approx. 821KB)
c)   Appendix C - (.pdf file Approx. 1.9MB
d)   Appendix D - (.pdf file Approx. 2.46MB)
e)   Appendix E - (.pdf file Approx. 765KB)
f)    Appendix F - (.pdf file Approx. 414KB)
g)   Appendix G - (.pdf file Approx. 1.2MB
h1) Appendix H1 - (.pdf file Approx. 11.53MB)
h2) Appendix H2 - (.pdf file Approx. 8.51MB)

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