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             Roosevelt Dam - The Real Story of the Workers
                      that constructed the original dam

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Indians that have populated the
public's imagination for decades
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Roosevelt Dam Historicalk Photo - 'Teamsters'

Many teamsters were of Mexican heritage. They were responsible for hauling millions of pounds of supplies to the dam each month.

"The nationality of the laborers of various classes outside of the Indians and Mexicans, are from all parts of the world, Italians, Swedes, Danes, hoboes, besides Americans from nearly every stateand territory."
Roosevelt Dam Historicalk Photo - 'Logging Crew' The logging camps and sawmills in the Sierra Ancha Mountains north of Roosevelt employed whites, Mexicans and others
Roosevelt Dam Historicalk Photo - 'Reclamation Engineers' Reclamation Service engineers gather with their families, laborers and Roosevelt's townspeople

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Masons cut the stones for the upstream and downstream faces of the dam. Between the facia blocks, the dam's interior was filled with rubble stone and grouted.


Roosevelt Dam Historicalk Photo - 'Damsite - Before Construction'


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