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Water Resource Planning

   Authorizations and Objectives

   The Planning Process

   Studies and Assistance


   Authorizations and Objectives for Water Resource Planning

   Objectives:    Authorizations:

   The Planning Process

   The planning process usually encompasses the following six steps:
  1. Identify problems and opportunities as they relate to Federal and specific study objectives.
  2. Inventory the current and foreseeable physical, demographic, economic and social factors relevant to the problems and opportunities.
  3. Formulate alternatives that identify specific ways to achieve the objectives within applicable constraints.
  4. Evaluate the effects of each alternative on the relevant physical, demographic, economic and social conditions.
  5. Compare the alternatives (including no action) against each other, with emphasis on the effects that will have the most influence in the decision-making process.
  6. Select the alternative(s) shown to be preferable to taking no action or make a decision to take no action.

   Studies and Assistance

   Moving from an Appraisal Study to a Feasibility Study to a Project requires a completed Appraisal report,
   authorization to conduct a Feasibility Study, Congressional support, and budgetary appropriations.

   Contact :

   For more information, please call the Phoenix Area Office, Program Development Division,
   at 623-773-6270.


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September 13, 2013

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