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Phoenix Area Office Environmental Resource Management
Protecting Cultural Resources

Archaeological sites, historic buildings and structures, landscapes, and objects are the fabric of our national heritage.  Collectively known as cultural resources (or sometimes heritage assets), they are our tangible links with the past.  As an agency of the Federal government, Reclamation is responsible for, and committed to, protecting and managing these irreplaceable resources in a spirit of stewardship for future generations to understand and enjoy.

Phoenix Area Office

Dave Gifford, Archaeologist
Fax: 623-773-6486

Lauren Jelinek, Archaeologist
Fax: 623-773-6486

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History of Roosevelt Dam

Theodore Roosevelt Dam
Cultural Resource Program

The Real Story
Behind the Labor Force -

Historical Photos Taken During
Construction of Roosevelt Dam
    Gallery 2, Gallery 3,
    Phoenix Metro Area


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January 15, 2015

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