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Phoenix Area Office

Central Arizona Salinity Study (CASS)


Phase I Final Report:

01 Cover and TOC
02 Executive Summary
03 Chapter 1 - Introduction
04 Chapter 2 - Salt Balance
05 Chapter 3 - Effects of Salinity
06 Chapter 4 - Economic Assessment
07 Chapter 5 - Future Trends Analysis
08 Chapter 6 - Strategic Conclusions
09 Chapter 7 - References

Phase I Final Report Technical Appendixes:

Technical Appendix Cover and TOC
A. Salinity and Total Dissolved Solids
B. Colorado, Salt, Verde, and Gila Rivers
C. Hydrologic Report on the Phoenix AMA
D. Hydrologic Report on the Gila Bend Basin
E. Hydrologic Report on the Tucson AMA
F. Hydrologic Report on the Harquahala Basin
G. Hydrologic Report on the Pinal AMA
H. Salinity in the Salt River Valley, Arizona: An Historical Perspective
doc J. Economic Impact Model
doc K. Human Health Impacts from Salinity in Drinking Water
doc L. Reported Impacts of High-Salinity Water on Golf Courses in Central Arizona
doc M. Impact of High and Variable TDS on Central Arizona Industry
doc N. Artificial Brine in the Salt River Valley
doc O. Municipal TDS Research
doc P. Accumulation and Management of Salt in South-Central Arizona
doc Q. Soil Salinity Levels on the Gila River Indian Community
doc R. Evaluation of Fertilizer Use and Associated Salt Contribution to CAP Area
doic S. Trends in Membrane Technology
T. Local Research Efforts

Last Reviewed:
March 28, 2012

Joseph J. Billerbeck - jbillerbeck@usbr.gov