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Bald Eagle Flying

Concern was voiced that the construction of New Waddell Dam, modification to Roosevelt Dam, safety of dams work on other dams, and water exchanges could affect the now threatened bald eagle. Reclamation took several steps to avoid impacts to this national symbol:

  • CAP construction activities near bald eagle nests were scheduled to avoid
    the nesting season.
  • Biosystems Analysis, Inc., conducted a 4-year study on the ecology of the bald eagle in Arizona between 1986 and 1990. This Reclamation-funded study provided critical information on how Arizona's small population of bald eagles could best be managed.
  • Matching funds are provided to other state and federal agencies in Arizona to support the Arizona Bald Eagle nestwatch program
  • Southwestern Bald Eagle Management Committee







    Last Updated: 6/25/15