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Native Aquatic Species of the Gila River Basin
in Arizona and New Mexico

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
Lower San Pedro River Preserve
Small Pond Reconstruction

San Pedro River Preserve - pond prior to rehabilitation
Pond prior to rehabilitation.

San Pedro River Preserve - Earthen work and lining installation
Vegetation along with 1 foot of soil from the bottom and 5 feet of soil from the perimeter berm was removed. Plastic liner was installed.

San Pedro River Preserve - Plastic Liner was Anchored in a Trench
Plastic liner was anchored in trench.

San Pedro River Preserve - Displaced soil is placed above the plastic lining
Previous removed soil was replaced above the plastic liner.

San Pedro River Preserve - Placed foundation material for concrete ramps
Pond is at finished grade. Placing foundation material for concrete access ramps.

San Pedro River Preserve - Concrete Ramps within the Pond Were Constructed
Concrete access ramps constructed.

San Pedro River Preserve - Rehabilitated Smaller Pond
Finished pond.

San Pedro River Preserve - Placement of Gravel Material for Fish Spawning in Rehabilitated Pond
Placement of gravel material for fish spawning.

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Last Reviewed:
December 22, 2009

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