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Native Aquatic Species of the Gila River Basin
in Arizona and New Mexico

Conservation Efforts

The Gila River Basin Native Fishes                Conservation Program

Native Recovery / Nonnative Control

The Gila River Basin Native Fishes Conservation Program (Program), formerly referred as the Central Arizona Project Fund Transfer Program, is funded by the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation), and is directed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Reclamation, in cooperation with the Arizona and New Mexico Departments of Game and Fish.

The purpose of the Program is twofold: 1) To undertake conservation actions (recovery and protection) for federal/state-listed or candidate fish species native to the Gila River basin by implementing existing and future recovery plans for those fishes and 2) To implement nonnative control activities to manage nonnative aquatic organisms where they interfere with native fish conservation activities, or provide funding for research in support of nonnative control actions.

A complete description of the overall program, its goals, priorities, funding criteria, and project selection process is provided in the "Central Arizona Project Fund Transfer Program Long-term Direction, Project Allocation Guidance, and Rationale" document, which is often referred to as the Guidance Document. The "Central Arizona Project Fund Transfer Program Strategic Plan 2003-2008" or the 5-year Strategic Plan has also been developed to assist with the near-term implementation of the Program by identifying the strategies and objectives that have already been or are expected to be accomplished by 2012.

Last Reviewed:
August 30, 2010

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